FHA Loan Limits and Credit Scores


FHA Loan Limits & Credit Scores

The credit card score required for an FHA loan is much lower than that of a traditional loan. FHA loans are convenient and beneficial for those who have low credit card scores but want to buy a home.

Find out the FHA Loan Limits & Credit Score through this article.

FHA Loan Limits

FHA loan limit is how much money a borrower can borrow from a lender. However, it will depend on the value and location of the home purchased by the borrower. In most countries, the loan limit for a single family is $ 420,680. However, in higher areas the loan limit is $ 970,800.

How Credit Card Score Requirements Are Determined

Lenders determine the need for a credit card before giving a loan to a borrower to buy a home.

A credit card score is a specific number that determines the value of a credit card. Each credit card has multiple scoring models and credit bureaus. The most popular option is the FICO® score. Another popular credit card score is VantageScore®.

If the lender finds 3 different credit scores on the credit card, it will set a median value. However, if the lender gets two different credit scores, it sets a lower credit score.

FHA Minimum Credit Score Requirement

If your credit card score is between 500 and 579, you will qualify for an FHA loan. However, for this low score, FHA sets some requirements or conditions.

You will need to pay 10% downpayment for this minimum credit score. Since your credit card score is low, this loan is defined as a sub-prime loan. Even if you get a loan, you will be deprived of some benefits. And if you want to repay the loan, you have to pay a much higher annual percentage rate.

In most cases, if your credit card score is less than 580, many lenders do not consider you eligible for the loan.

There are some things you need to pay attention to in order to qualify with a credit score of less than 580.

Housing cost ratio

The housing cost ratio comes from the percentage of your total monthly that you will spend to buy a home. The calculations for understanding are:

(Installment loan + revolving loan repayment) / Total monthly income

The amount you are spending on your housing expenses cannot exceed 31 percent of your total monthly income.

Debt-To-Income Ratio

DTI’s job is to consider loans and monthly expenses. Loans include student loans, mortgage loans, auto loans and other loans. Expenses include existing utility, groceries, gas bills, electricity bills, health insurance, car insurance and more.

The formula for calculating DTI is:

Monthly Expenses / Total Monthly Income 

If your credit card score is below 580, your DTI must be within 43 percent of your total monthly income.

Aside from these conditions, it is good to keep in mind that many lenders do not offer subprime loans. Their terms and requirements may be stricter than those of the FHA. To qualify for a phone like Rocket Mortgage, your credit card score must be above 580 and the DTI cannot be held less than 38%.

Advantages of higher credit cards

If the credit card score is 580 or higher then multiple benefits are available at the same time. Borrow more money from rocket mortgages or better lenders. Also you get better loan terms and competitive interest rates.

A higher credit card score affects the down payment. The higher your credit card score and down payment, the higher the interest rate.

If your credit card score is 580 or higher, you will need to make a 3.5% down payment. If your credit card score is between 500 and 579, you will need to make a 10% down payment. If the downpayment is less than 10 percent, you may have a mortgage insurance premium on your loan.

If your downpayment is more than ten percent, you will have to pay mortgage insurance premium for a period of 11 years. These mortgage insurance premiums can be expensive for those whose savings are lower.

If you want to get rid of mortgage insurance, refinance from a conventional loan. You will qualify for this loan when your equity is 20%.

If your credit card score is below 620 and above 580, you will qualify for a new payment. The monthly payment will be within 38% of your monthly gross income. The DTI ratio will be between 45% which is really convenient. Another benefit of this is that you get a higher FHA loan from Rocket Mortgage.

If you have a credit card score of 620 or higher, you will be approved for a higher DTI. Then you qualify to borrow a large amount of money from multiple lenders. However, it is important to note that the FHA never approves more than 57 percent DTI.



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