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If you have a low credit score, large debt, or are unable to qualify for a conventional loan, you may qualify for an FHA loan.  Also, FHA loan is open to home buyers who are buying a home for a second time, even consumers that have a 500 Middle Credit Score could get approved.   Ask our FHA Loan Officers for additional Credit Score details. 

FHA loan requirements

There are certain requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for an FHA loan. Some of these requirements are mentioned which make the borrower eligible.  Continue reading here…

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The FHA home program will help make the goal of buying a home a reality for the first time. The best option for those who want to buy a home for the first time is various programs, national grants and loan collection etc. It allows borrowers to purchase a home for the first time without a 20 percent down payment.

Only by meeting the requirements of the FHA can you qualify for the loan and the process is very fast. Provide details of your assets, monthly income, and debt history to the lender. After evaluating the details you provide, the lender will determine how much you are eligible to borrow.  Continue…

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FHA Home Buying Grants

Down payment assistance is a grant to buy a home. If you are a resident of the United States, the benefit is that they have a $2,500 grant program. The programs include grants and some loans that do not need to be repaid.

You can use the money from the grant for downpayment. You can also use this cash as a Closing Expense Assistant as long as you are moving or selling your home, or even pay off your home loan or refinace.

The purpose of the grant is to help those who want to buy a home for the first time or who have a low monthly income, or to help disadvantaged buyers. Not everyone can be a buyer of grants. It must be qualified, even if the required qualifications are wider than others.  Continue Reading here…

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